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TLN Writing Company has completed a variety of projects. Here is a sample of the types of assignments we have completed, as well as our areas of expertise.

Completed Projects
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  • Training course writing
  • Real estate books
  • Business articles
  • Business glossaries
  • Career articles
  • Book editing
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  • How-to articles
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Areas of Expertise

  • Medicine
  • Business
  • Careers
  • Education
Writing Samples 

Writing Sample 1 (Business)

An Apple a Day Keeps the Competition Away!


From the Apple II of the 70’s, to the popular iPod of today, Apple (Nasdaq:  AAPL) has held on to the reputation of a heavy hitter in the world of technology and today is no different…OK, maybe a little different.  According to their earning statement for Q1 fiscal year 2008, ending December 29, 2007, Apple has not only met previous records but has shattered them.


Got numbers?


I would imagine selling over 2.3 million Macintosh computers, 22.1 million iPods and having over 2.3 million in iPhone sales for the quarter had a little something to do with the success.

During Q1 2007, Apple posted a net quarterly profit of  $1 billion, with Q1 2008 being $1.58 billion.

In spite of the criticism against Apple and Steve Jobs, the numbers are in black and white; increasing  $1.14 to $1.76 per diluted share shows the company is doing something right.



I cannot Dell a lie.


Minus the slight issue with Greenpeace dating back to 2004 (another story for another day), it’s no surprise, Apple has had its act together for some time now, so much so that other companies (who shall remain nameless), hmm mmm…Dell (Nasdaq:  DELL) have fashioned some of their products after them.  Some have considered Dell to be the low cost version of Apple.  How can this be?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  It’s easy to create a Mercedes Benz with a Ford engine.  All that glitters is not gold and all that claims to have the most up-to-date technology does not. 


Recession or Obsession?


Is the fact that one cannot turn on the television without hearing the mention of an “economic downturn” truly an indication of a recession or an indication that we are obsessed with the idea of one? Grim report after grim report says that we may be in a recession and there’s the threat of a major economical breakdown and blah blah blah…But the fact is, some companies are still creating strategies that will continue to help them grow strong and put up impressive numbers.  Unfortunately my crystal ball is currently out of order so I cannot give any guarantees for Q2 2008, but I can say having the knowledge of what it takes to succeed and the guts to implement it, regardless of what appears to be happening, can help any company to be the “Apple of the business world’s eye.”

Writing Sample 2 (SEO)

Description:  Maximizing the use of a link building service can increase your search engine rankings.


Everyone who owns a web site understands the importance of web site ranking, right?  This may be true in theory but until web site owners utilize some type of link building service, they will be the owners of web sites that produce mediocre ranking results.


One way link building is the prime example of a link building campaign.  Even though it may be more expensive than link building services such as reciprocal and three way, it is an efficient link building method that connects quality links from other sites to yours.


The key to potentially increasing your web site’s rank is quality link building.  There are many cheap link building strategies, but for the sake of your web site, it is wise to invest your time and money in a link building service that will yield the results you desire.


Now that you have established your efficient link building campaign, it’s time to evaluate your site’s popularity.  A good way to do this is to buy one way backlinks.  Backlinks are links from other web pages that come to yours.  Buying backlinks can be relatively expensive.  There are several companies that offer backlink services, with many offering free backlinks, but just as you did at the beginning of your link building campaign, it is best to invest in quality backlinks that will promote effective link building.


You just started your web site and you want to invest in quality backlinks but free backlinks are the only things that fit your budget.  What do you do?

Well, there are some ways to obtain a few free backlinks of worth.


It seems that everyone today hosts some type of blog or forum.  The one thing they may not have a lot of is content.  This where you come in.  Posting in forums or contributing to blogs can afford you the opportunity to create your own backlinks.  As long as the content is valid and does break any rules established by the host, you can include backlinks that take the reader from that particular site to yours.  You can think of it as your own link building service.  It’s simple, you get to share original content on a particular subject, and create your own free backlinks. 


As with everything, it is important for you to research all aspects before starting a link building campaign.

Ask yourself the following questions:


1)      Which link building campaign will best suit the needs of my web site?  One way link building, reciprocal, or three way?

2)      Is there such a thing as qualitative, cheap link building?

3)      What companies offer link building services?

4)      After exhausting the possibilities with free backlinks, how do I get more backlinks? 

5)      What are the names of companies who offer backlink services?


6)      If I cannot figure out the answers to the previous five questions, is there a link building handbook that can help me out?


You don’t have to know all of the answers before getting started.  With the drive to work hard and patience when things don’t go the way you expect, your link building campaign will be a success.


Good luck! 

Writing Sample 3 (Career)

Work at Home Moms

Deciding to become a work at home mom sounds like the perfect opportunity to make good money, remain available for the children’s every beckon call and keep an immaculate home, right?

Maybe…but if your ultimate goal is to find a healthy balance in playing each of these three roles, there are many questions you may want to ask yourself.


First, does your job have built-in flexibility?  If you are required to be on the telephone your entire shift, then it may be a bit difficult to do that dusting behind the T.V. you’ve been putting off for months.  On the other hand, if you are an independent contractor, then you probably have the flexibility to set your hours according to your personal schedule.  As long as you complete the assignment by the allotted time, it is okay for you to take a few minutes to drop off Johnny at soccer practice.


Secondly, are your children old enough to entertain themselves a little while you are working that final hour to meet your deadline?  It may be unreasonable to expect your 1 month old to sit quietly just because you need total concentration while you put the finishing touches on that magazine article.  However, your 5 year old who is out of school for summer break, may appreciate that time to watch his favorite educational show or practice writing his name.


Lastly, do you want to keep a nice home or actually create one?  Keeping a home entails cleaning and cooking.  Making a home is a bit more involved.  Sewing the living room curtains, shampooing the carpets once a month and cooking the family’s favorite meal from scratch are examples of projects you may be engaged in when “making” your home.  Are you positive you’ll have time to clean the drapery and call that important client before 5 p.m.?


Making the decision to take a job is a job in itself.  There are many factors to consider. Is the company willing to pay me what I’m worth? Is the commute too long?  Are there quality daycares within a 5-mile radius of where I work?

When you add “doing this job from home” into the mix, a whole new set of questions emerges.


It is crucial for you to think through the pros and cons of working from home before you decide to embark on such a journey.  It may even be a good idea to write out your list so you can constantly remind yourself why you decided the way you did.


If in the end you find that the cons outweigh the pros and this is not the best way for you or your family, don’t be too disappointed.  What’s good for the goose may not be good for the gander.  But, if you find working at home greatly benefits you and your family, embrace the change and get ready for a ride filled with adventure.











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